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3D Secure Payoneer Mastercard

Using 3D Secure, Buying Online with Your Payoneer Card Is Now Even Safer

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
November 5, 2020

At Payoneer, we take the safety and security of your funds very seriously. That’s why we are adding an extra layer of security to your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard®. A crucial component is the implementation of 3D Secure authentication technologies.

3D Secure authentication (3DS) provides prepaid card users with a robust way to prevent fraudulent transactions taking place on their card and ensures those taking card payments are only receiving funds from the authorized card user themselves.

By the end of the year customers using their Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® for certain online purchases will need to verify their identity. Only once this verification is carried out will you be able to successfully complete your transaction.

Why are we doing this?

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce fraudulent activities on all our customers’ cards, 3D Secure ensures Payoneer customers are kept safe from unauthorized attempts to make online purchases. This additional security process is also compulsory under PSD2 regulations.

How does it work?

If your card is issued by Payoneer Europe Limited (PEL), please follow the steps below. You can check where your card is issued from by checking the back of your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard®.

If your card is issued by First Century Bank (FCB), please read further below.

For PEL cards, there are essentially two things you may be asked to verify your identity when making online purchases that require 3DS verification

  • A one-time verification code. This will be sent to the primary phone number in your Payoneer account profile via your choice of text message or phone call.
  • A personal security passcode. After providing the one-time verification code, you’ll be asked to provide your 6-digit personal security passcode which will be the same for every purchase you make with your prepaid card. If you have activated your card, we will have already generated a personal security passcode for you, and you can view or change this code from your Payoneer security settings when signing into your account.

Note: Physical prepaid cards issued by PEL may still have “issued by Wirecard” written on the back.

Payoneer 3DS mastercard

We recommend paying close attention when entering both your one-time verification code and personal security passcode as only several attempts are allowed. Once these attempts are made and have proven unsuccessful, your card will be blocked in order to prevent any fraudulent transactions.

For full details on how this works, please watch this demo video.

First Century Bank (FCB) Card Customers

For customers using a First Century Bank (FCB) issued prepaid card, a one-time verification code will be required to verify your identity, though an additional personal security passcode is not required in order to complete your transaction.

In this case, it is a simple two-step process as seen below.

PEL 3DS Payoneer

While these changes to the way you use your Payoneer prepaid card for purchasing online may take a little getting used to, the extra security they provide are sure to bring you peace of mind knowing that your funds are safe.

For full details on how this works, please watch this demo video.

If you have any questions regarding either of these processes, please visit our FAQs.

The content provided in this article including any information relating to pricing, fees, and other charges is accurate and valid only as of the date it was published. In addition, changes in applicable regulations, policies, market conditions, or other relevant factors may impact the accuracy of the mentioned pricing and fees and other associated details. Accordingly, it is further clarified that any information regarding pricing, fees and other charges is subject to changes, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are viewing the most up to date content applicable to you. Payoneer will provide the most up to date and accurate information relating to pricing and fees as part of the account registration process. Registered customers can view this information via their online account.

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