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Get the Working Capital You Need by Accessing Payoneer Capital Advance

Payoneer CommunityPayoneer Community
December 27, 2018

eCommerce sellers sometimes face hiccups in their cashflow, even if it’s generally positive. Access to working capital can  provide the extra boost you need to expand your business. With Payoneer’s Capital Advance offering , we help you to keep your online retail business running smoothly.

If you’re an online seller, Payoneer will provide you with up to 100% of the value of your incoming payments in advance through our Working Capital program. Simply use Payoneer Capital Advance to request up to 50,000 USD/GBP per store, every 30 days, depending on your marketplace’s payment cycle. You’ll repay the advance automatically when your incoming payments clears through the marketplace.

online sellers capital advance

The bottom line? You pay back the Capital Advance offer only once you get your payment from the marketplace.

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5 ways Payoneer Capital Advance Can Help Your eCommerce Business

Here are some ways a working capital advance from Payoneer can work for you:

1. Ride the Wave of Trending Products

With Payoneer Capital Advance, you’ll always be ready to leverage new trends and fads as soon as they start to break. Keep your inventory stocked with the hottest items and don’t risk missing the moment.

2. Beat the Bottleneck Ahead of Peak Shopping Periods

Here’s how:

  • Stock your shop. Prepare for the holiday shopping season by filling your inventory with seasonal products.
  • Order early. Before major sales periods like holiday shopping season, eCommerce sellers place bigger pre-sales orders – all at the same time, with the same suppliers. That’s because they need to wait until they have the working capital in hand before they can place the order. Suppliers rush to fill these orders, but it’s inevitable that some online sellers don’t get their goods in time.
  • Skip the line. With Payoneer Capital Advance, you can beat the rush for holiday orders, order early, and avoid the bottleneck. You know you’ll get your inventory in time for the earliest of holiday shoppers, and you won’t have to wait while other orders are filled first.
  • Meet peak demand head-on. Present a fully-stocked online store with all the best products because you have the working capital you need to keep your inventory at the ideal level.

3. Seize Business Opportunities

You can accomplish this by asking yourself these four questions:

  • Have you spotted a potentially lucrative new product?
  • Are you ready to expand into diversified product categories?
  • Do you have the option to buy out a competitor?
  • Did your supplier offer you a big discount on a bulk order – but only if you buy it now?

With Payoneer Capital Advance, you’ll always have the working capital you need to seize EVERY opportunity to grow and expand your business. You can add new product lines, diversify your inventory, expand your business, and build your store, all when the time is right.

4. Pay Less for Your Stock

Online sellers can negotiate better terms and pay lower fees when they pay upfront – but that’s only possible if you have enough working capital. Payoneer Capital Advance helps you to build better relationships with your suppliers and secure better terms and lower prices, because you’ll have the cash in hand to seal the deal.

5. Ride out Seasonal Sales Troughs

It’s natural for every eCommerce business to go through periods of high and low sales. The trouble is that when sales are low, you still need to keep your inventory current, maintain inventory levels, pay overhead, and handle your marketing. Payoneer Capital Advance helps you to smooth out the dips in your sales volume so that your business doesn’t wobble when demand is low.

With Payoneer Capital Advance, you can keep your business on an even keel, whether you’re facing slower sales periods or preparing for major seasonal sales. Payoneer Capital Advance gives you the backup you need to expand and grow your business, whenever the opportunity occurs.

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