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Introducing Payoneer’s Entrepreneur Awards – Emerging Business Category

Payoneer CommunityPayoneer Community
March 28, 2018

We’re passionate about providing the best cross-border payment solutions for the millions of businesses that we service each day. We see our customers as the core of our business. We design our products and services to better serve our customer’s specific business needs. Our many programs (online and offline) are designed to offer our customers the tools they need, beyond payments, to build successful businesses. We enjoy the close relationship we have with our customers and enjoy celebrating their achievements together!

With this in mind, we created our Entrepreneur Awards Emerging Business Category, which rewards our fastest-growing, hardest working entrepreneurs with the recognition they truly deserve.  So, what constitutes a Payoneer Emerging Business and how can you join the ranks of these successful companies?

Criteria for being granted Payoneer’s Entrepreneur Awards – Emerging Business Category

  • Actively participate in the Payoneer ecosystem! We work hard to provide our customers with the resources they need to succeed and recognize those that take advantage of our many networking opportunities, learning and training programs, and more.


  • Serve as influencers in our community. Businesses that qualify for Emerging Business status not only actively participate and engage in the Payoneer community, they take the extra initiative and serve as influencers.  This is characterized by fostering a strong network of social connections, sharing information with others and engaging with other business owners, helping to strengthen our global community.


  • Embody the values of a strong entrepreneur. We love to learn the story behind why our customers chose to take the difficult, yet highly rewarding path of entrepreneurship. We value the personal stories that drive their motivation, passion and ultimately, their success.


  • Growth, growth, growth! Scaling a business is difficult, as is achieving sustainable growth.  The customers we recognize as Emerging Business have managed to succeed where others fall behind. We look for an impressive growth trajectory inside Payoneer and reward our customers for making use of our resources, products and services to help them grow their businesses.


  • Taking the world by storm. As a cross-border payment company, we encourage our customers to take advantage of the products and services we’ve developed specifically to help them expand into new global markets. Our Emerging Businesses serve as role models, managing to successfully expand their business globally, increasing their market share and boosting their revenues.

How do we identify which businesses are eligible for Emerging Business status?

We systematically monitor our customers’ growth patterns, using our database as a benchmark and looking for outliers, those that are consistently performing on another level. We then delve deeper to understand their level of engagement in the Payoneer community, how many of our products and services they are using to boost their growth rate, and if they demonstrate the traits we value most – collaboration and hard work.

Our Entrepreneurship Awards are given to those at the top of our Emerging Business category. Meet the 2018 winners here!

Grow Your Business with Payoneer! Learn More >>

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