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Entry is Now Open for Payoneer’s 6th Annual Entrepreneurship Awards!

Melisa Sukman EpandMelisa Sukman Epand
November 16, 2021

As the world’s go-to partner for digital businesses, we take great pride in celebrating our customers. That’s why, as part of Global Entrepreneur Week on November 8th , we are pleased to announce that applications are now open for our 6th Annual Entrepreneurship Awards!

In case you are not familiar, the Payoneer Annual Entrepreneurship Awards seeks to recognize global businesses that demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and those who continue to change the world around us.

Each year, 5 lucky winners are awarded with a prestigious title and get the chance to be featured on our website and blog to showcase their business and tell their story. Check out our winners from last year and learn all about their journey to success.

Enter now

Awards include:

  • eCommerce Business of the Year
  • Freelance Business of the Year
  • Disruptor of the Year
  • Socially Responsible Business of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year

In order to qualify for submission, you must be a business owner and willing to share your story with us. Simply tell us about your business journey and you could be one of our big winners!

So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to hear your story, your secret to success and what drives you to continue innovating day in and day out.

Could you be the next Entrepreneur of the Year?

Deadline for submitting applications is December 31st, 2021.

Enter now

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