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Payoneer is listed on Inc.’s Best Workplaces 2017!

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
June 19, 2017

We are excited to announce that Payoneer is included in Inc.’s Best Workplaces 2017The list celebrates companies with excellent corporate culture, high employee-engagement and good people practices. Employees at each company were surveyed on 30 questions about career development, communi­cation, trust in leadership, team dynamics, and individual needs; clearly, we Payoneer employees take as much pride in our workplace as Payoneer takes in us!

Celebrating diversity and multiculturalism

Payoneer is a global company, with customers and offices all over the world. The company honors its employees by celebrating their various holidays and customs, such as Chinese New Year and Ramadan.  “This year during Ramadan, there are non-Muslim employees partaking in fasting as a sign of solidarity and to celebrate our Muslim peers,” reports Brian Lukito, Customer Care Chat Knowledge Expert.

Support and acceptance undoubtedly add to the depth of companionship between employees. “It’s what makes Payoneer so great,” says Umema Iqbal, Customer Care Associate in the Payoneer NY Office. “From day one I saw that in Payoneer your culture and diversity is acknowledged and respected. I felt so welcomed and accepted; we are definitely a family here.”

Setting an example from the top down

A good relationship with one’s manager is key to happy employment, as many studies show. In Payoneer, the support and positive examples trickle down all the way from the upper management, lead by Scott Galit, CEO. “The great culture at Payoneer starts with the ‘tone at the top’. All management is very approachable and genuinely cares about all employees, regardless of role or position,” comments Alex Melikian, Manager of Finance and Corporate Development in NY.

“The culture of Payoneer is exemplified by upper management starting with Scott Galit (CEO) and continuing with Keren Levy (COO and General Manager), Yair Tal (General Manager, Mass Payouts), Michael Levine (CFO) and many others who’ve seen Payoneer go through major changes but possess admirable leadership qualities such as selflessness, modesty, honesty, inclusiveness, stability, and empowering/trusting others.” – Jacob Kestenbaum, Manager, Business/Sales Development, CA Office.

A family atmosphere and supportive environment, alongside immense growth

Payoneer enforces a strict “No Jerk Policy” throughout the company, creating a supportive environment where employees feel they can grow and thrive. “We genuinely like and support each other,” says Roneya Columbus, Card Application Analyst (NY), “which I think is a true testament to our “No Jerk Policy” enforced by our CFO and CEO.”

The company is growing and expanding at a rapid pace, but the sense of closeness is maintained. “The company is tight enough to have a family atmosphere where departments are close; but because we are expanding at such a rapid pace there is a lot of room for growth and individuality in roles that have not existed before,” says Brian Lukito.

Benefits, perks and beyond

Whether it’s fully-stocked kitchens, catered Friday lunches, monthly birthday celebrations of holiday parties, Payoneer recognizes that the workplace is far beyond a place of work. Investing in the employees’ well-being is a crucial part of being a great place to work.

Interested in joining our ranks? See what positions are open in Payoneer offices around the globe.

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