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Payoneer Launches the 2018 Freelancer Income Survey – Join Today!

Payoneer CommunityPayoneer Community
July 12, 2017

The results are in! Download the full Freelancer Income Report HERE >>

Determining your freelance rate is one of the most complicated parts of being your own boss. Setting your fees to low might get you many clients, but doesn’t reflect your expertise; setting your rates too high might cause potential clients to seek out other professionals. So how can you know what the right rate is for your skills and experience?

The most reliable way to determine your rate is to average out what freelancers in your field are making and develop a pay scale. However, there are so many other factors that can affect one’s rate: location, target market, experience, skills, education, and many more. All of these factors can make a seemingly simple task very complicated.

You now have a chance to take part in the largest-ever freelancer salary survey.

In 2015, Payoneer’s Freelancer Income Survey had over 23,000 participants from around the globe. For the first time, freelancers were able to see what others were really earning, with statistical insights on all the determining factors.

This year we’re rebooting the survey, to get you up-to-date stats and interesting insights on how the global market is evolving. Once the answers are compiled, we’ll send all participants a thorough report, with key answers to the burning questions you are likely aching to know:

  • What is the average salary in my field, for my region, and how has it changed in the last 3 years?
  • Should I go back to school? Does a higher education mean more money in the freelance circuit?
  • Should I increase my rates?
  • Where are the best places for me to advertise my services?

It’ll take less than 10 minutes to fill out the survey, and you are guaranteed a FREE copy of the benchmarking guide when the results are in!

The results are in! Download the full Freelancer Income Report HERE >>

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