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Here are the winners of the Payoneer photo contest 2015!

June 10, 2015

We recently held a really fun contest which asked our Payoneer community to share a photo representative of their hometown or a place they’ve visited so that we could see it through their eyes. We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of amazing photos submitted for the contest and it took some time to review and select the winning submissions. But we did it! (Finally!)

Without further ado meet the 2015 Photo Contest winners!


1st Prize Winner – Vadym Volodin from Rojiv, Croatia

Vadym has won an iPad Air 2 for this stunning photo. The beautiful composition and lighting literally took our breath away. Thanks for your submission and congratulations Vadym!Photo 1


2nd Prize Winner – Oleg Doroshin from Moscow, Russia

Second place goes to Oleg who wins a Tripod. We loved the bright quality and colors and how he is able to capture the unique architecture of this building. Congratulations Oleg!Photo 2


3rd Prize Winner – Exequiel Schvartz from Córdoba, Argentina

Exequiel’s wins a Payoneer Goodie Bag. This was another stunning submission that gave us all a good dose of wanderlust. Thanks for entering, Exequiel and congratulations!
Photo 3



Bonus 4th Prize Winner – David Bastidas from Pampatar, Venezuela

We were originally going to select 3 winners in the 2015 Photo Contest, but we had so many wonderful submissions we decided to choose a 4th! David’s beautiful photo is definitely worthy of a Payoneer Branded Selfie Stick. The sea is very inviting and we would love to visit. Congratulations, David and thanks for participating!
Photo 4



Do you want to learn more about the photographers behind each of these images?  Stay tuned for our behind the lens series!

A huge thanks to everyone that submitted photos. We had so much fun reviewing each and every one of the submissions and were so impressed not only by the uniqueness and quality of the photos received but also by what a truly amazing, global community we have the pleasure of working with.  Stay tuned on our blog and social media channels for new and exciting contests!

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