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The Payoneer 10 Year Anniversary Video Contest winners are in!

Melisa Sukman EpandMelisa Sukman Epand
June 14, 2016

Payoneer’s 10 Year Anniversary made us want to know where all of you were 10 years ago.  Had you started your business yet?  Were you struggling to find clients?  Were you making enough money to make ends meet?

To enter the 10 Year Anniversary Video Contest, we asked you, our community, to upload a 1 minute video detailing your journey over the past decade. We were truly blown away at the success stories you shared with us, and we had a tough time selecting the top 3 submissions.

Here are the Payoneer Video Contest 2016 winners!

First Prize Winner: Radu Sarbei from Moldova

Radu’s #pynrjourney started when he combined his passion for travelling with a need to make an income. That’s when he decided to become a vacation rental host, and rent his space to thousands of travelers from all over the world. Radu’s story proves it’s possible to work at what you love!


Radu Sarbei


Second Prize Winner: Sebastian Estrada from Colombia

Sebastian’s touching #pynrjourney showed how he went from having funds that were stuck online, and having to borrow money from friends and family, to finding the perfect solution to manage his payments online, and being able to start his own business. Now he can focus on growing professionally without dealing with the hassle of payments.


Sebastian Estrada


3rd Prize Winner: Jim Fan from China

Jim’s #pynrjourney started back in 2007, when one of his main clients moved to the USA. Seeing him struggle to get his payments from abroad, one of his friends working in eCommerce suggested he try Payoneer. Jim is now doing online and offline businesses with foreign clients, and nothing can stop him from expanding them!


Jim Phan


Thank you to everyone who made our 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations the best we could’ve ever hoped for!

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