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Presenting Payoneer’s entrepreneurs of the year

Melisa Sukman EpandMelisa Sukman Epand
May 11, 2016

In honor of our 10 Year Anniversary, we are putting on our party hats and making YOU the heart of our celebration. We asked you to share your stories of building a path to success, not only to hear your journey, but also to recognize your many achievements. After receiving hundreds of inspirational stories, we have selected 10 winners who embody the entrepreneurial spirit: vision, perseverance, and passion.

We present to you: the Payoneer Entrepreneurs of the Year!

Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - Ana Maria

Ana Maria Vaccaro, Argentina

“There is no greater happiness than helping others to fulfill their dream of being free at work, it is possible to work doing what you like and when you do what you like it is no longer just a job but pure bliss.”




Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - Eslam

Eslam Nagy, Egypt

“It’s unwise to start down the path of entrepreneurship unless you’ve got a zeal that will get you through rough patches and keep you interested long after the initial enthusiasm has faded.”




Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - JadeJade De Vivar, Phillipines

“After 10 years I can see my blog is now number one Android Conversation in the worldwide. Million of visitors daily will  happy visiting our website. Also I have my own dedicated and trusted employees. That serving worldwide and planning to improve all in the developing Android. Then I also have my own Android apps, hired Developers and Sales Marketing.”




Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - Khoi

Khoi Nguyen Tran Minh, Vietnam

One day, with the help of a friend I got introduced to MMO with T-shirt. My 1st payment was $150 and it got me to tear. Then I start making more money but having difficulties with payment solutions. Then I found Payoneer through google and start using your services ever since.  I have become Payoneer loyal customer. Now I can make enough money to buy milk powder for my daughter and take my wife out for dinner once a while.



Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - Kyrylo

Kyrylo Kuzin, Ukraine

“Over the years I found the formula of success for myself: Success = Professionalism (where the most important are Patience + Goals)”





Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - Yahia

 Md Yahia Khan, Bangladesh

“Within next 10 years, i would like to turn into one of the largest high quality SEO provider in the USA and Canada. I am waiting to see awareness in my country too about  digital marketing and this would definitely help me make my business extra large.”





Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - Sheermukha

Shreemukha Sullia, India

“Being an entrepreneur I always wanted to become the icon for leadership, creativity and philosophy. After 10 years I want to see the impact of Arts and technology on mankind. That should bring smiles on the faces, togetherness, happiness and joy in everyone’s life. And I should be the reason.”




Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - Owais

Owais Afaq Akhter, Pakistan

If I would be awarded Entrepreneur of the Year, i will use the awarded money to create and build an intra-company entrepreneurship space fund in Aplos Innovations, to fuel our idea of Startup-Tuesday. Startup-Tuesday is an idea we initiated to revitalize entrepreneurial spirit in our employees by giving them little more time outside their job hours where they work on THEIR dream.




Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - Yoshua

Yoshua Sugandhi, Indonesia

Having raised in circumstances that were full of poverty and hardships, I’ve grown to become a mentally tough and determined young man. Thus, I would always look for opportunities, and that was exactly what I did. I’ve been an ENG-IND translator since 2008, and little by little, I’ve built relationships with people all around the world.



Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year - Zoran

Zoran Milin, Serbia

“As a person, I hope to stay and be more innovative, original and success-driven. I have always had a wish to come up with something new, something yet to be seen. Being 20 years old, I haven’t yet accomplished all of my dreams, but I hope that I can achieve some progress with that in 10 year time.”



Keep your eyes peeled to read the full stories of our 10 lucky winners…

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