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Payoneer Forum Cebu

Running a Successful Outsourcing Business: Recap from our Cebu Forum

Jen San AntonioJen San Antonio
August 8, 2019

Last weekend, Payoneer held a successful forum in Cebu, Philippines in which over 120 professionals attended to learn more about how to run a successful outsourcing business! The forum brought together local businesses and industry experts to discover best practices for scaling their business globally and how Payoneer can help them go beyond payments.

Payoneer Philippines

Outsourcing in Cebu

The event opened with remarks by Leo Cipriano L. Urbiztondo, Jr., Regional Director of the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) in the Philippines who shared his thoughts on the outsourcing industry specifically in Cebu. Leo mentioned that the future looks bright as Cebu was named the ideal location for outsourcing outside of metro Manila. In fact, there are more than 300 IT BPO firms that currently operate within Cebu, employing over 140,000 people with an average monthly salary of more than 3.8 Billion PHP!

Payoneer Forum

People, Process and Tools

Following Leo was Jun Baranggan, CMO of TeleworkPH Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. who shared his 3 elements to success: People, Process and Tools. Jun discussed that for any successful business, it’s critical to hire people who are passionate about the business and who share the company’s vision. As for the way a business should go about, it’s important to understand if processes are customer centric and efficient enough. The tools that a business chooses should be easy to use and implement as well as comply with the financial budget.

Payoneer Forum

Getting the Most Out of Your International Payments

Next up, Payoneer’s Head of Marketing for SEA, Eileen Borromeo who spoke about how to get the most out of your international payments. Eileen shared her ideas on how foreign exchange rates are always changing and that each change has an impact on your earnings especially with those high fees that can ultimately affect your net salary. That’s where Payoneer enters as our cost-effective payment solution is here to help you save more.

Payoneer Forum

Women in Tech

As for the last session, “Women in Tech” was a panel put together by Fiona Kesby, CEO and Co-Founder of GO-VA.com.au, Lorna Bondoc, Founder of YOVEO Digital, Timmy de Jesus, Head of Operations at Payruler and Laurice Chiongbian, CEO of Qavalo. The panel shared with the audience key statistics on equal employment opportunities and gender equality in the Philippines and how the country consistently supports women in caregiving roles, giving them the ability to pursue entrepreneurship.

Payoneer Forum

Furthermore, a woman’s role in her own household has a great influence on the way she runs a business as they tend to make time for what’s important and make sure that people are always looked after.

That’s a wrap for the Payoneer Forum in Cebu! Thank you to all those who attended, business professionals and speakers for sharing all your insights and tips. Hope to see you next year!

Payoneer Philippines

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