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The Payoneer Forum comes to Cairo!

May 1, 2015

We recently held the Payoneer Forum in Cairo, Egypt and it was a great success! Our Brand Ambassador Mohamad Eldeeb hosted the event and did a wonderful job bringing together over 150 freelancers, professionals and business owners to discuss topics related to business and entrepreneurship in Egypt and worldwide.

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Dr. Tarek Galal

Dr. Tarek is a lecturer for Microeconomics and Business management at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport in Alexandria. According to his recent research regarding employment in Egypt, Dr. Tarik spoke about how working as an online freelancer is the future of work for Egyptians who are seeking a stable career.  In addition, he highlighted the efforts done by the local government to push the Egyptian youth to have an online source of income.


Mahmoud Fathy

Mahmoud is the CEO of ArabyAds.com, founder of Zacash.com and CEO of Media Land Company.  He shared his success story as an expert in the field of affiliate marketing, the difficulties that new online workers face and the importance of working in groups with other partners to become a successful marketer.


Mohamed Eldeeb:

Mohamed is a senior video editing professional, working with several freelance marketplaces, including oDesk.  He is also an instructor at EAAC center(Cairo) and VFX academy(Alexandria) teaching freelancers about Online multimedia editing.  In addition, Mohamed is working on a project, LWG ( Learn, Work, Get Paid!) which will further his reach and ability to teach additional freelancers about the industry.  He was recently selected as the Payoneer Brand Ambassador in Egypt and we are so excited to welcome him to the Payoneer family.  He, spoke about Payoneer’s global payment solutions for local Egyptian online workers.  He discussed how they can receive online payments from international companies and marketplaces in simple, fast and secure way. In addition, Mohamed shared the goals of the Payoneer Brand Ambassador Program and the exciting plans we have for Egypt.


Amr Kasseb

Amr is a host and organizer of AfroLatin dance festivals, workshops and parties. He shared how he successfully used Eventbrite and Payoneer to collect online payments for his events. He also talked about the new great way to receive funds via Payoneer’s withdraw to bank service. Amr shared his personal story before Payoneer searching for profitable payment solutions and how its easy for him now to focus on organizing his events because he is confident that Payoneer will make it easy for him to receive his earning. Feel free to visit his blog and read more about Amr’s experience with Payoneer.


Dr. Khaled M. Khaled

Dr. Khaled is an eCommerce expert and the co-founder of the Institute-of-E-Commerce-and-Technology.  He spoke about the opportunities associated with the Payoneer Brand Ambassador program mentioning the necessary of Payment methods like Payoneer for Egyptians in order to be able to receive their Online payments, the attendances were really eager to listen for tips and answers from Dr. Kaheld who answered questions about e-commerce marketing and re-marketing.

dr. khaled


The Payoneer Forum is a great place to gain valuable industry insights and network with experienced and knowledge freelancers.  Thank you for attending the first Payoneer Forum in Cairo! Stay tuned for more events coming soon.


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