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Experience with Payoneer and the Refer a Friend Program in Japan

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
November 11, 2013

We are happy to share the latest testimonial on Payoneer’s Refer a Friend Program by one of our top referrers from Japan, Mr.Takashi Aoki. Enjoy!



Hello, my name is Takashi Aoki. I have started to selling products online as side business when I was still working for a company. After a while, I decided to work on exporting online as my main business. And now I have customers all over the world. I encountered a difficult problem how to have an account in US to start Amazon export.  I searched by internet the solution and I found the Payoneer service. I signed up immediately.

Describe your general experience with our Refer a Friend Program and how you feel about it.

I start to refer this program by my social media. I’m happy to have one role introducing lots of people about Payoneer and their service to who interested in online exporting. 

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to our account holders that are just starting to refer friends?

Please don’t pushing to sign up the card. I believe that the people who understands the service and if it’s fit to their needs, they will sign up!

Are you satisfied with this service?

Yes, I’m very satisfied.

Do you have any efficient information about Payoneer as one of our account holders?

For anyone who wants to try having business on US Amazon, the Payoneer is just like a messiah. Because it required to fly to US in order to open an US account and to have an US company, it was not easy to get started.  

From now on targeting clients outside of Japan, I can recommend that Payoneer’s payment solution will help us to expand the business all over the world. And the Refer a Friend Program is a wonderful program, too. There are not so many people who use this program yet.  I wish much more cardholders start to join the program.

What is the tip for online exporting business in Japan? 

Try to display many kinds of Japanese products that buyers to be familiar with those products. Japanese service has ranked as very high level, so that we can promote it as one of our strategies and approaching by satisfying customers. By doing so, we should have frequent buyers. 

Mr.Aoki's banner

To conclude our interview…

We are now in the era that exporting products from Japan to all over the world even as individuals. It’s not such difficult to get started. We can start own business for the big “world” market. So Payoneer is a solution for those people! I feel very much that Payoneer has been making efforts to satisfy their cardholders by improving their service. And their system is great, too. Once the funds is loaded to the account you can withdraw money by ATM or use Payoneer Mastercard for shopping payments.


To visit Mr. Aoki’s blog, click here.


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