Payoneer partners with Nabbesh!

Yuval Yossefy
Yuval Yossefy
August 18, 2015 is the leading freelance jobs platform in the Middle East and North Africa. Launched in July 2012, Nabbesh began as a solution to growing unemployment in the region.  Aimed at providing people with skills and opportunity to promote themselves, find work, and garner strong reputations the company has since grown to include nearly 70,000 members based in over 100 cities.

“We are positively impacting people’s lives. Online work is changing the way people use their time and make a living, bringing jobs to people’s homes … We have helped SMEs and start-ups grow their business with freelancers, and we have provided countless economic opportunities where they would not other exist.”

– Loulou Khazen Baz, Founder and CEO of Nabbesh


Nabbesh connects freelancers with job opportunities by enabling clients to post jobs and projects online, for which rated and reviewed freelancers bid.  The clients select the best talent and pay them securely through the platform. The projects and freelancers featured on the site are widely varied: their most popular industries include graphic design, web development, and editorial work, but they also reach photographers, marketers, and business and finance experts.

Nabbesh also offers its “Assisted Hiring” program, a feature targeting its busiest members. After a member posts a job and upgrades to Assisted Hiring, Nabbesh will search for the most qualified freelancers and shortlists three of them, thus helping the clients stay efficient while guaranteeing that the best freelancers person for the job is hired.



The Dubai-based company has strong ties throughout the region – with some of its best performing markets in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. Today we are happy to announce that Nabbesh and Payoneer have partnered, making it easier than ever for clients and freelancers working in separate locations to pay and get paid.  Nabbesh users can now receive funds directly to Payoneer and withdraw their earnings to their local bank account or the Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® which they can use to spend online or in stores. Do you list potential projects on Are you a freelancer in the MENA region looking for a flexible and profitable work schedule? If you’d like to start, sign up for here.  Already a Nabbesh user? Don’t forget to select Payoneer as your preferred payment solution!