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Payoneer in the News: April 2018 Edition

Irina MarcianoIrina Marciano
May 1, 2018

Payoneer’s many exciting developments had plenty of press coverage around the world in April! Here’s a recap of some of the biggest Payoneer news stories last month.

WORLD: “Gig Economy Opportunities for Success” – Article by Payoneer CEO Scott Galit in WWD

Leading fashion trade journal WWD published an informative article from Payoneer CEO Scott Galit titled “Think Tank: Opportunities for SMBs From a Global, On-demand Economy.” Galit gives five suggestions of ways for small businesses and eCommerce merchants to grow their business by using freelancers. Read it to learn more about the opportunities for SMBs to scale their business quickly and cost-efficiently.

UK: Payoneer’s Daniel Mayhews Discusses Post-Brexit Opportunities in the UK

Daniel Mayhews, Country Manager for Payoneer in the UK, shares his opinions about opportunities for UK sellers in the wake of Brexit. In an article for Payment Eye titled “Global Trading: The Future of the UK in the Post-Brexit Era, ” Mayhews reassures readers that despite fear of the unknown, which is strong in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, UK commerce is uniquely designed to support cross-border eco-systems.

KOREA: We’ve Opened Our Korea Office!

April brought exciting events for Payoneer as our first office opened in Korea to serve the fast-growing digital economy and eCommerce market. The big move was covered by the English-language Korea JoongAng Daily titled “Payoneer seeks to bring 1 trillion won into Korea,” while the Korean-language ET News published an article welcoming our new Korea Country Manager, Woo Lee, and sharing his message for the newest Payoneer branch.

LATIN AMERICA: Payoneer Partners with Adobe Stock

The integration of Payoneer as a new payment option for Adobe Stock contributors in Latin America and Eastern Europe was picked up by Portuguese-language site Segs. The article, “Adobe integrates Payoneer as payment option for Adobe Stock contributors in Latin America,” reports on this important development for the leading stock photography platform.

INDIA: Payoneer’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award

India’s news site FirstPost ran a heartwarming news story about the Delhi-born winner of Payoneer’s recent Entrepreneur of the Year awards. The profile of winner Saurabh Nanda is titled “Saurabh Nanda’s book business wins Payoneer entrepreneurship award; hard work and grit pays off.”

We’re now looking forward to an exciting May!

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