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Payoneer in the News: March 2018 Edition

Irina MarcianoIrina Marciano
April 8, 2018

Payoneer was all over the news in March, with many exciting announcements and interviews featured in leading publications across the globe! Here’s a recap of some of the major news items featuring Payoneer last month.

APAC: “How to Succeed in eCommerce” – Interview with our CEO Scott Galit

Tech Wire Asia published an interview with Payoneer CEO Scott Galit titled “How to succeed in eCommerce: Exclusive tips from an industry insider”. Check it out to learn more about why we’re seeing such strong growth in Asia and what’s in store for this region!

CHINA: Payoneer is Helping Chinese Vacation Rental Marketplace Tujia to Grow

Chinese vacation rental marketplace Tujia has plans to expand internationally, with Payoneer acting as its strategic partner in the expansion. The article, titled, “Tujia engages in overseas markets and Payoneer will support its cross-border payment”, was featured in many news outlets including big Chinese media publications ifeng and yidianzixun!

WORLD: Payoneer’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award

This month, Payoneer was proud to announce our 2nd Annual Entrepreneur of the Year Awards! This year, we received over 2000 entries from over 100 countries, and have selected six winners.

Forbes covered this exciting news with an article titled “Where Freelancing Is Growing Fastest In The World, According To Payoneer Freelancer Awards”. In China, leading business publications covered the news, including ifeng and International Business Times, and in the Philippines, the news was covered by Newsbyte Philippines.

PHILIPPINES: “Small Entrepreneurs Drive Growth” – Interview with our CEO Scott Galit

March was a big month for Payoneer in the Philippines and included a televised interview with our CEO Scott Galit on the popular current affairs show, ANC’s The Boss, featuring award-winning journalist Cathy Yang.  You can read more about this interview in an article published by Yang in ABS-CBN News, titled “Small entrepreneurs, ‘gig economy’ drive PH growth of global financial firm Payoneer”.

VIETNAM: Payoneer’s Miguel Warren Explains What’s Behind eCommerce Growth in Vietnam

In a recent Forbes article, Regional Head of SE Asia, Payoneer Philippines, Miguel Warren weighs in on the factors behind Vietnam’s rapid growth in eCommerce. Warren explains how Vietnam shows particular potential due to its strong culture, economics and manufacturing history. He explains how the working population is tech-savvy, well-educated and suited to the entrepreneurial skill-set needed for success.

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