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Working globally while living locally has never been easier

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
February 10, 2022

With more than a billion gig-workers worldwide, it’s never been easier for businesses and contractors to work together, regardless of their location. Whether you’re a business that needs to outsource projects or a gig-worker looking for your next job, finding your next professional match is often just a few clicks away. Managing the payments for these projects, however, isn’t simple and often involves costly conversion fees, the inability to track incoming and outgoing payments, and delayed transfers, just to name several potential issues.

At Payoneer, we solve these problems and more by giving you an easy way to pay and get paid, no matter where you are and in what currency you work with. Our goal is simple – to provide businesses of all sizes with the ability to work globally while living locally.

With Payoneer, you gain access to a suite of services custom designed to help you better manage your business. Get a glimpse of our exclusive service offerings below:

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And here are just a few of the features you’ll benefit from working with Payoneer:

Request a payment

Invoicing your clients with Payoneer is a simple process that can be done directly from your account, helping to ensure that you get paid on time for all your projects. Offer your clients the ability to pay in their preferred currency via credit card, local bank transfer, ACH transfer, or their Payoneer account.

Local receiving accounts

Local receiving accounts act just like bank accounts, allowing you to get paid locally in the US, Europe, Asia and more. This also enables your clients to pay you in their currency of choice. Once you get paid, you’ll be able to make a withdrawal to your local bank account, make business payments, pay VAT, or convert funds to different currencies!

Payments between Payoneer accounts

Transfers between Payoneer accounts take less than two hours and can be completed FREE OF CHARGE!

Low fees

With Payoneer, you enjoy low fees on all your payments, including 0-1% fee on bank transfers

Payment tracker

Track all incoming and outgoing payments directly from your Payoneer account, ensuring your payments arrive on time and in full.

Batch payments

Pay up to 200 recipients at the same time with batch payments. Pay individual service providers from different account balances, set up recurring payments and consolidate all of your regular payments into a single location!

Still don’t have a Payoneer account? Sign up today!

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