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5 tips to create content that sells and builds your business

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton

As a business owner or freelancer, you’re always looking for ways to increase your sales and boost your profits.
Content marketing is a powerful tool at your disposal, but how do you make sure your content is selling? 

At Payoneer, we understand the importance of creating content that sells to drive customers through the sales funnel.
Entrepreneurs and freelancers need to create content that sells to be successful in e-commerce.
We encourage you to use these expert tips to drive traffic to your e-commerce platform, boost conversions, and deliver optimal sales growth. 

Today, we’ll explore some of the top strategies for how to sell content marketing and help you take your earning potential to the next level!

Tip #1: Create a Microsite 

If you want to maximize your sales and drive real results with your content marketing efforts, it’s time to focus on niche targeting.
Creating a microsite can effectively funnel traffic from a specific demographic or end user, resulting in better SEO, faster campaign development, and a more streamlined visual interface. In addition, it’s effective brand-building designed to engage and convert customers.

Think of a microsite as a laser-focused portal for a single product or service, where you can showcase its best features, share glowing customer testimonials, and provide a compelling walk-through experience.
By doing so, you’ll be able to tap into the power of your best-selling product and drive even more success with your content marketing efforts.

According to Intechnic’s marketing director, Danielle Kogan, businesses that use microsites to sell their products benefit from improved SEO, faster campaign development, and a less cluttered visual interface.
So if you’re ready to create content that sells, it’s time to explore the potential of a microsite!

Tip #2: Give Away Content

As a business owner or freelancer, you know the importance of attracting and engaging potential customers.
And one tried-and-true method for doing just that is offering free valuable content.
Whether it’s a white paper, e-book, or webinar, providing free content is a great way to generate goodwill and establish your authority in your industry.

But offering free content can also be a smart business move.
As noted by marketing expert Heidi Cohen in the Content Marketing Institute, you can use free content to test and measure its value.
By observing how consumers respond to your free offerings, you can identify which information products are most effective and use that information to inform your overall content marketing strategy.

This is just one aspect of the bigger picture of “how to sell content marketing.”
By understanding the value of free content and incorporating it into your overall strategy, you can build a strong foundation for attracting and engaging potential customers.
From there, you can develop a comprehensive plan for creating and distributing content that sells your products or services.

Tip #3: Target an Untapped Demographic

On the topic of ‘How to Sell Content Marketing,’ it’s essential to understand your target audience clearly.
However, it’s equally important to remain open to new opportunities and consider other demographics who could benefit from your products or services.

For example, you’ve been focusing your marketing efforts on men and women in their 30s and 40s, but have you considered the potential value that twenty-somethings could bring to your business when it comes to content that sells? You can expand your reach and increase your earnings potential by exploring new markets.

To identify untapped markets and learn how to sell content marketing effectively, it’s essential to analyze usage patterns and customer feedback.
Take the time to think about who uses your products and why they benefit your customers. By doing so, you’ll gain valuable insights into new markets and opportunities for growth in the realm of content that sells.

And don’t forget, even though you may be targeting a new demographic, creating niche-based content that speaks directly to that market is still essential.
Doing so will build trust and establish a strong connection with your target audience, which is crucial for driving sales and success with your foray into
How to Sell Content Marketing.

Tip # 4: Branch Out Into Social Media

With the rise of mobile usage, social media has become critical to any successful content marketing campaign.
As more people turn to their smartphones for communication and entertainment, social media platforms offer a wide reach for businesses looking to sell their content marketing. 

By establishing a strong presence on social media, you can tap into a massive audience, providing them with quick, digestible content and creating a platform for engagement.

A call-to-action (CTA) is a critical component of any marketing campaign, and it’s imperative when you’re learning how to sell content marketing strategies to different audiences. With the right approach, a well-crafted CTA on social media can yield tremendous gains in product marketing. 

By providing compelling action items, you can encourage your audience to take the next step, whether that’s visiting your website, making a purchase, or signing up for your newsletter.

Social media is a convenient and engaging platform for mobile users, and it’s no secret why.
Quick and digestible content that’s easy to consume on the go makes it an attractive destination for many consumers.

Use your strong social media presence to connect with your target audience.
You can reach more viewers and boost your product sales. Whether through eye-catching visuals, engaging posts, or relevant promotions, a well-executed social media strategy with content that sells can help you build a loyal following.

Tip #5: Address a Controversial Topic

Controversial issues are a part of every industry, and it’s important to address them head-on.
Creating a blog post that clearly articulates your opinions on these topics can drive inbound links and spark conversation in the industry. These types of posts are not only great for driving engagement but also help to establish you as a thought leader in your field.

Emotional connection is a crucial aspect of successful content marketing. By inspiring strong emotions in your audience, you can create a deeper connection with them and encourage them to act. Even if you polarize some readers, the ones who share your beliefs will become strong brand ambassadors and loyal customers for life.

If your product sales are different from where you’d like them to be, a strategic shift in your content marketing efforts might be necessary. To help drive more sales and engage with your audience, consider incorporating some of the tips mentioned above into your strategy.

By making these changes, you’ll be well on your way to boosting your product sales and reaching your goals.

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