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Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Your eCommerce Tune Up

Neil KokemullerNeil Kokemuller
August 20, 2016

Many e-commerce companies get a big jolt of traffic and revenue during the holiday shopping season, which starts just after Halloween and runs through Christmas. However, the firms that achieve the most success don’t take this opportunity for granted. They implement specific strategies to fine-tune their businesses well ahead of time.

The following are some specific tune-up strategies to implement this summer as you prepare to take full advantage of the bountiful online shoppers coming in the fall.

Produce Some Videos

Video content has become a powerful marketing weapon for elite commerce companies. Facebook has ramped up its video sharing to compete with YouTube. The benefit to tech-savvy online providers is greater ability to present your brand and products to an engaged audience.

Videos allow for thorough product demonstrations and storytelling. Show off how your products work and integrate testimonials from satisfied customers.

Get Google Shopping

Google has recently implemented several enhancements to its Shopping platform and product listing ads. If you aren’t currently leveraging this visible, affordable advertising platform, now is the time to get started.

Product listing ads include product images, brief messages, and pricing in currencies familiar to domestic and foreign buyers. These ads appear prominently to people searching for brand-specific as well as broad product (recent enhancement) options on Google.

Google has also amplified promotional opportunities on YouTube through its TrueView platform. You can integrate a companion banner with your videos that showcase individually-selected items.

Optimize UX

The e-commerce marketplace is extremely competitive. You aren’t just competing with other providers of the same products; you are competing against companies with varying levels of user experience. If your website needs an upgrade, get started now so you are ready for high traffic during the holiday season. A mobile-responsive website allows you to appeal to people shopping on a desktop, table or mobile device.

People stay on websites that quickly and clearly show off what they offer. Ease of navigation is also important to the user experience. Focus on an attractive design and a simple shopping process. Efficient registration and cart experiences are important as well. People don’t want to go through 10 steps to purchase your goods.

Update your social media strategy to include regular messages about new holiday products, and take time to engage reactions from audience members.

Plan for Reverse Logistics

The rush of buying activity leads to increased need for a hassle-free return/exchange process. When you offer a convenient return policy, you encourage people to take a chance on buying from your business for the first time.

Even if you lose the revenue on a return, a hassle-free experience leads to repeat visits and purchases. It also contributes to the dissemination of positive word-of-mouth.


Don’t wait until October to tune up for the busy holiday season. Prepare your website and marketing strategies now. Focus on a quality user experience that not only allows you to optimize holiday revenue, but encourages new customers to return when the holidays are over!


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