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5 Reasons to Get in on the Amazon Australia Action

Sarah PritzkerSarah Pritzker
February 19, 2018

Recent big news for global sellers with an eye to new markets is that in December 2017, Amazon Australia opened its virtual doors. The launch was long anticipated thanks to unexpected delays – so long, in fact, that some global sellers might have become frustrated with the wait. If that’s you, let us remind you of the fantastic opportunities that Amazon Australia holds for global sellers.

1. A positive market

Australians are excited to finally be able to access all the benefits of Amazon. Amazon’s statement after the Aussie launch said that first day orders were higher than any other launch day, with orders placed across all 23 categories showing that there is a strong demand for a diverse range of products. 43% of Australians intend to shop in Amazon in the near future. Australians are fully aware of the low prices, fast and free delivery and connected personalized shopping that Americans have been enjoying for years and they’re keen to join in.

2. The Amazon mystique

Amazon goods have a certain brand reputation for being good quality and reliable. Even if you choose to use Amazon Marketplace to sell your own merchandise directly through the Amazon platform, some of that Amazon reputation still rubs off. Nearly 50% of Australians aged below 40 prefer to shop at Amazon instead of at local retailers even before Amazon Prime has started up.

3. Space in the market

Although Aussie shoppers were excited about Amazon, they were underwhelmed when it finally took place. Posts on social media pointed out that the website is still somewhat disorganized, product offerings are thin, and pricing is not competitive. This is good news for global sellers – there’s still plenty of room for growth on Amazon Australia. Although hundreds of sellers have already signed up to Amazon Australia, at least half are Chinese with only 5% from elsewhere internationally, leaving space for more global sellers.

4. Opportunities for competitive pricing

Many customers who tried out Amazon Australia complained on social media that the prices were too high. Local products tend to be expensive, but global sellers have the opportunity to undercut them on pricing, making them highly attractive to Australian shoppers.

5. Amazon wants you

Amazon is making a big push to attract successful global sellers for their Australia branch. Right now, seller accounts are accessible by invite only, but you should be able to get one by registering your details at the dedicated portal Amazon set up for new vendors on the Australia platform. Amazon expects their roster of international sellers to double within weeks of the launch and to keep on increasing as the platform matures and stabilizes.

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