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How to find your Amazon MWS merchant details

Chen LahavChen Lahav
May 26, 2019

Payoneer’s Store Manager lets you connect all of your Amazon stores to your Payoneer account so you can:

  • Receive Capital Advance offers for eligible stores
  • View the payment history for each of your stores
  • Manage all store payments in one consolidated place
  • Add new receiving accounts whenever you need

If you choose not to use our automatic connection process (which lets you connect your Amazon store to Store Manager in just a few quick clicks), you’ll need to connect manually. To do so, you’ll need your Amazon Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token to connect your store. Here’s how you find them:

1. Under the Apps & Services dropdown menu on your Seller Central homepage, click on Manage Your Apps.

seller central home

2. Click Authorize new developer.

seller central apps and services

3. Enter the Developer’s Name and Developer Account Number that matches the location of your store.

seller central MWS

You can find the Developer’s Name and Developer Account Number in the table below:

Marketplace Developer’s Name Developer Account Number
North America Amazon.ca PayoneerINC 0009-9351-6334
Amazon.com.mx PayoneerINC 0009-9351-6334
Amazon.com.br PayoneerINC 0009-9351-6334
Amazon.com PayoneerINC 0009-9351-6334
Europe Amazon.fr PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.in PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.de PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.nl PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.it PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.es PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.co.uk PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.eg PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.sa PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.tr PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Amazon.ae PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Japan Amazon.co.jp PayoneerJP 5473-5759-5801
Australia Amazon.com.au PayoneerAU 3856-4335-5719
Singapore Amazon.com.sg PayoneerINC 0009-9351-6334

For example, if you are selling on Amazon UK, you will enter the following details and click Next.

6. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click Next.

7. You now have your Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token ready. Log in to connect your Amazon store to your Payoneer account.

The content provided in this article including any information relating to pricing, fees, and other charges is accurate and valid only as of the date it was published. In addition, changes in applicable regulations, policies, market conditions, or other relevant factors may impact the accuracy of the mentioned pricing and fees and other associated details. Accordingly, it is further clarified that any information regarding pricing, fees and other charges is subject to changes, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are viewing the most up to date content applicable to you. Payoneer will provide the most up to date and accurate information relating to pricing and fees as part of the account registration process. Registered customers can view this information via their online account.

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