How to find your Amazon MWS merchant details

Payoneer’s Store Manager lets you connect all of your Amazon stores to your Payoneer account so you can:

  • Receive Capital Advance offers for eligible stores
  • View the payment history for each of your stores
  • Manage all store payments in one consolidated place
  • Add new receiving accounts whenever you need

If you choose not to use our automatic connection process (which lets you connect your Amazon store to Store Manager in just a few quick clicks), you’ll need to connect manually. To do so, you’ll need your Amazon Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token to connect your store. Here’s how you find them:

1. Go to the Amazon developer site that matches where your Amazon store is located:

2. Click Sign up for MWS.

3. Enter your Amazon credentials and click Sign In.

4. Click Authorise a developer (text may differ slightly according to your region).

5. Enter the Developer’s Name and Developer Account Number that matches the location of your store:

Marketplace Developer’s Name Developer Account Number
North America PayoneerINC 0009-9351-6334 PayoneerINC 0009-9351-6334 PayoneerINC 0009-9351-6334
Europe PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266 PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266 PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266 PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266 PayoneerEU 3033-3045-0266
Japan PayoneerJP 5473-5759-5801

For example, if you are selling on Amazon UK, you will enter the following details and click Next.

6. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click Next.

7. You now have your Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token ready. Log in to connect your Amazon store to your Payoneer account.