Payoneer Global Payment Service: do’s and don’ts

Did you know that you can receive payments from companies worldwide with Payoneer’s Global Payment Service? The Global Payment Service is a solution for Payoneer account holders worldwide to receive commercial payments from international companies for work done online, such as freelancing, affiliate networks, Amazon/eBay sellers, app development, stock photography, and more. The service provides international receiving accounts, allowing international companies to easily send you a local bank transfer – as if you were a local employee with a local bank account!

We’ve gathered some helpful tips for you to make sure your use of the Global Payment Service is effortless!


  • make sure you send the company the relevant details for the currency in which you want to receive payment (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, MXN).

Dos and Donts_English

  • note that Payoneer receiving accounts can be used only for the following bank transfers:
    • ACH for USD
    • SEPA for EUR
    • BACS and FPS for GBP
    • Zengin for JPY
  • use your Payoneer receiving account to receive Amazon disbursements if you sell on Amazon USA, Amazon Europe, or Amazon Japan.
  • remember to select checking as your account type when adding your Global Payment Service receiving account as a payment method.
  • consider sending the company a payment request if you’d like to offer more ways to pay you.
  • contact Customer Care (and not the banks associated with the receiving accounts) if you have any questions or feedback regarding the Global Payment Service.


  • request payments from companies that do not meet the Terms & Conditions of the Global Payment Service. Payments such as these will be sent back to the payer.
  • request payment from individuals. The Global Payment Service is intended only to receive payment from companies.
  • request payment via international wire transfer. This is not supported by the Global Payment Service.
  • use the Global Payment Service to receive checks from companies. The check will not be delivered to you.

For more information regarding the Global Payment Service, be sure to read the FAQs in our Support Center.

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