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Payoneer Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 - Featured Image

Payoneer Entrepreneurship Awards 2023

Melisa Sukman EpandMelisa Sukman Epand
November 15, 2022

Are you Payoneer’s Business of the Year?

As a trusted partner for entrepreneurs all around the world, we’re always excited to showcase the most impressive, impactful, businesses who choose to work with us. With this in mind, we’re happy to announce that applications are now open for the 7th Annual Payoneer Entrepreneurship Awards!

The Entrepreneurship Awards give us an opportunity for us to learn more about people who are scaling businesses globally, whether they are ecommerce sellers, international freelancers and contractors, solopreneurs, or business owners of all sizes.

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The Awards also give you an opportunity to share your business journey with a bigger audience. The five winners of our Entrepreneurship Awards get featured on our blog and website, so your business reaches even more eyes.

In addition, we’ve partnered with Kiva to award our winners with lending credits so that they can pay it forward and help provide other entrepreneurs the funding they need to keep growing and experience the power of microfinancing their businesses. 

There are 5 categories for the Payoneer  Entrepreneurship Awards:

  • Ecommerce Business
  • Freelance Business
  • Disruptive Business
  • Socially Responsible Business
  • Eco Impact Business

We’re looking for people who run global businesses which show innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and have an impact on the world around us. If that sounds like you, why not send in your application? You can check out last year’s winners and learn about their achievements, to see what kind of thing we are looking for.

To qualify for the awards, you need to own a business   and be willing to tell us your business story. It’s as simple as that. So, what are you waiting for? The deadline for submitting applications is December 31st, 2022.

We’re excited to hear about your business and what motivates you to keep innovating every day.

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