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3 reasons why connecting your store to Payoneer benefits your business

Peretz EisenbergPeretz Eisenberg
October 22, 2022

At Payoneer, we take the security and privacy of your data very seriously, and these values also extend to your eCommerce store. As you may know, in order to benefit from our Capital Advance offers, it is necessary to connect your store to Payoneer. After listening to your questions about this, we’ve compiled answers to the most frequent ones here. We also have a step-by-step guide to help you get connected.

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Why should I connect my store?

The three reasons you should connect your stores are:

  • To verify your eligibility for Capital Advance and help us determine the size of your offers
  • To track your incoming payments from multiple stores all in one place
  • To get additional receiving accounts in the same currency (for your other stores)

One of the great things about Capital Advance is that it doesn’t require credit checks or extensive paperwork, and the funds can be delivered instantly. We’re only able to do that by assessing your store’s performance once it is connected.

What information do you access when I connect my store?

Connecting your store grants Payoneer permission to access very specific store data provided by your eCommerce marketplace. The data helps us determine how much working capital we can offer you to grow your business. Remember, each new connected store has the potential to receive a new customized offer.

What do you do with the store information?

As explained above, the primary use for your information is to verify your eligibility for Capital Advance. Once connected, we also use your information to facilitate smooth payments from the marketplace to your Payoneer account, such as SAFE requirements in China.

Is it safe to connect my store?

Absolutely. Keeping your store data safe is our highest priority and we never sell any of the data that we process. Your store data is also protected under our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

In conclusion, our goal is to help you expand your business and take your vision to new heights. With that goal comes the responsibility to make your peace of mind our top priority. We’ve always taken this responsibility very seriously and we will continue to do so in the future.

Is it possible to consolidate payments of multiple stores with the store manager?

With Payoneer’s Amazon Store Manager, business owners can get the information of all Amazon accounts in one place. It shows the income from all the stores and helps track the expenses from one place. You do not have to log in to multiple accounts to learn about the sales individually. Furthermore, the store manager also allows owners to view the payment histories of all stores from one place. 

What exactly Is Capital Advance and how can it help my business?

Business owners often run into situations where they see the opportunity for growth but cannot seize them owing to a lack of funds. Capital Advance solves that problem by offering up to $750,000 in instant funds. It spares the owners of paperwork because when the store is connected with Payoneer, it keeps track of the store’s performance. You can avail of up to 140% of the monthly payout of the stores.

Capital Advance offers three plans, Express, Grow, and Plus, with a time duration of 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months, respectively. Business owners can select the higher category after settling the terms of the previous funding. And it would not be very difficult because the terms and conditions are straightforward and friendly. Collection is also quite simple because Payoneer collects that by itself from the payments received in the stores’ accounts.

So, are you ready to connect to seize more growth opportunities with Capital Advance? If you need help, we’ve got a step-by-step guide for you. Thanks for choosing Payoneer as your cross-border payments platform. Let’s grow together.

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