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Business Line of Credit or Small Business Loan? 5 Points to Consider

Payoneer CommunityPayoneer Community
January 14, 2019

A business line of credit is usually recommended for short-term financing needs, like buying inventory and paying for a surprise expense, but it can also be used to cover long-term expenses, such as advertising campaigns and insurance costs.

Line of credit borrowing limits often range from $5,000 to $150,000 and are smaller than a short-term loan. They are also revolving. This means that businesses can use a line of credit as often as they want, as long as they make payments on time and don’t exceed their credit limit.

There are several factors to consider to understand whether a business line of credit is the best funding option for your company.

Think of your company’s future

The businesses that benefit from most from lines of credit are often vulnerable to cash flow shortages or short-term capital needs. Since business lines of credits are revolving (meaning your credit line resets to the original amount once you pay off your balance like a credit card), they’re a more ideal option for financing an ongoing marketing campaign or signing new customer project—especially if you’re uncertain of exactly how much money you’ll need—than a lump-sum loan that tends to be paid through periodic, consistent installments.

That being said, a business line of credit is best suited for companies that can look far into the future. They have a plan for how the line of credit will cover gaps in certain business cycles and do not wait until an expense shortage to apply for a line of credit. This is especially important because, unlike most business & ecommerce funding options, a business line of credit is designed to be approved and distributed before the funds are actually needed. Keeping this in mind, it’s best to look ahead and apply for a line of credit before funding a new project so that you have the extra cushion before running out the clock.

Be aware of specific times for payments

Companies that have explored debt financing programs know that every business lender has varying requirements. This is especially obvious when comparing a business line of credit from a bank to a business line of credit from an alternative business lender.

Most traditional lenders, such as banks, may charge fees for opening the line of credit or making certain transactions. They may also require businesses to have strong revenue and at least a few years of credit history to qualify for a line of credit. In addition, banks may require collateral, which can be seized by the lender if a business fails to make payments.

Online business lenders, on the other hand, may have looser qualifications than banks. However, these lenders are also likely to charge higher interest rates than banks and may have lower credit limits.

Although business lenders may impose varying rules, borrowers should plan on being able to pay off their entire balance at some point in time. After all, a business line of credit is a revolving program, which can only be taken advantage of by regularly paying the entire balance.

Would you require collateral?

Traditional banks often have high minimum qualifications and require significant collateral, like expensive equipment or real estate, which can be seized by the lender if a business fails to make payments. Many loans also require a specific purpose, such as taking out a student loan to pay for college tuition or being granted a mortgage to buy a house. Lines of credit, however, do not typically have a specific purchase purposes, so borrowers can spend on a variety of items without the lender’s approval and no assets have to be appraised.

Before applying for a line of credit, it’s helpful to build business credit and improve cash flow. Showing strength in either area may give you access to lines of credit with lower interest rates and higher credit limits.

What are you planning to use your business line of credit for?

As mentioned earlier, many borrowers rely on business lines of credit as a cushion during a busy season or a rough patch. However, this doesn’t mean a business line of credit should be used by any company that is struggling to pay its bills. In fact, business lenders rarely approve a business line of credit to cover operating losses.

Companies that are attempting to cover losses from past operations will likely struggle to pay off their line of credit. In other words, a company is much more likely to get approved for a business line of credit if it’s trying to finance expenses that will lead to a surge in profits.

Pay Attention to Credit Potential Fees

Whenever you take a loan from your line of credit, you have to pay transaction fees in addition to your interest and repayment of withdrawals. If you use your business line of credit many times in a year, these fee charges can add up.

Some lone institutions may also charge you a maintenance fee for your account even if you haven’t used it. You should first check out all the fine print related to fees so you don’t get in trouble.

Are There Other Options?

You might like to consider getting your own money faster so that you can purchase more inventory or invest otherwise in your business as needed. Payoneer Capital Advance gives you this ability. The service enables you to have cash in hand when you need it most.

Capital Advance – Does It Make a Better Choice?

Capital Advance is a service offered by Payoneer that works around all the problems associated with traditional lending.  You do not require collateral to apply for the funds from the Capital Advance. The funding provided to businesses is based on the performance of the business rather than the assets it holds. You can get up to $750,000 or 140% of the account receivable, which is the amount that a particular business has generated in a certain time period. Capital Advance takes the performance of the business into account and offers the fund accordingly.

Furthermore, there is zero paperwork in the process; businesses just have to receive payment from their respective marketplaces. The terms and conditions are very friendly and include just a specific percentage of the funding amount. There are zero hidden charges, and the repayment procedure is also very convenient. 

Payoneer automatically deducts the payments when the collection terms start. You do not have to remember the deadlines for the collection, as the amount will be deducted from the account automatically..

Payoneer customer? View your Capital Advance offers now!

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When Should You Use a Business Line of Credit or a Small Loan?

A business line of credit is an ideal option for companies that are looking for flexible short-term financing options. A business line of credit provides you with easy loan funding with lower interest rates than a credit card. It provides consistency between the amount coming in and the amounts going out. It can help you cover many expenses of your business.

Why is a Business Line of Credit the Most Popular Form of Business Loan?

There are many reasons why the business line of credit is so popular. But firstly, it lets your business get a large amount of cash so you can make purchases that are maybe too large for a credit card or too small to take a loan from a bank. The second reason is that it gives you easy access to cash. The business line of credit works like a revolving credit card with a higher available credit limit and lower interest rate. The third reason is that it gives you payment flexibility and many banks lack this facility.

Can you Qualify if You Have Not Been in Business for a Long Time?

Yes, you can qualify if you have not been in any business for a long time. But your loan approval is going to be based on your business rating, cash amount, past revenue, and FICO score. If you’re a startup company, you will require a business loan guarantee.

Can You Apply for Multiple Business Lines of Credit?

Yes, you can apply for multiple business lines of credit if you want to be extra safe. When you begin multiple small business credit lines, if one credit line is canceled, you still have many other options available for your business, and it puts your business in a much safer and more vital position. If you think you don’t need this loan right now, you can easily return it.

Is the Interest Rate an Important Factor to Consider?

The interest rate decides how much the loan will cost you by the end of the repayment time. When you are choosing a lender, you have to carefully review the interest rate. It is surely a major piece of information, but it is just one point of the whole deal.

The content provided in this article including any information relating to pricing, fees, and other charges is accurate and valid only as of the date it was published. In addition, changes in applicable regulations, policies, market conditions, or other relevant factors may impact the accuracy of the mentioned pricing and fees and other associated details. Accordingly, it is further clarified that any information regarding pricing, fees and other charges is subject to changes, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are viewing the most up to date content applicable to you. Payoneer will provide the most up to date and accurate information relating to pricing and fees as part of the account registration process. Registered customers can view this information via their online account.

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