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eCommerce trends for 2017: how will people shop?

Forecasting the future of e-commerce trends is hardly an exact science. For every theory, there seems to be an equally reasonable opposing theory about where e-commerce will go in 2017.

However, if you wade through the suppositions and strange theories out there, some common threads are repeated. It is these predictions for e-commerce trends that are most likely to impact the way people shop this year. Here’s the Payoneer take on what to expect:

1) People will shop via mobile devices.

It is true that this has been the mantra repeated for the last few years. However, 2017 may indeed be the year that mobile sales overtake desktop sales. Why can that be said? Shopify reports that on Black Friday of 2016, mobile overtook desktop sales for the first time ever. While that was only for one day out of the year, it is a strong indication that shoppers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of completing their purchases via mobile devices.

This is a normal progression, considering the ways in which mobile users have been interacting with e-commerce brands in recent years. First, there was a strong uptick in mobile search, meaning that consumers were researching online brands via mobile for some time.

In past years shoppers moved from mobile to desktop before completing a purchase. Now, however, that trend is changing and shoppers seem increasingly content to handle the entire purchase transaction via mobile.

2) People will be drawn to more video content, prompting marketers to pump up the volume.

Walking hand-in-hand with an increased reliance on mobile, shoppers will be paying more attention this year to video content. Video is both easily consumable and engaging for shoppers, so look for more e-commerce brands to rev up their video production in the coming year.

3) Shoppers want what they want … right now.

Forrester reports that 29% of shoppers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery. With Amazon leading the way, e-commerce brands are beginning to consider the potential results of offering same-day delivery to eager consumers.

While the logistics of such an offer might give some sellers pause, there are some significant benefits to the same-day strategy. Perhaps the most important of these is that same-day delivery eliminates one of the potential barriers to online shopping for the average consumer. With same-day delivery, a consumer need no longer choose to go to a brick and mortar store simply to have the product in hand right away.

As consumers become more accustomed to this convenient option, expect to see more e-commerce brands seek to fill consumer expectation via same-day delivery.

4) Shoppers will gravitate to personalized experiences.

The advent of artificial intelligence, chatbots, and contextual shopping will enable a more personalized experience for online shoppers this year. Just as brick and mortar stores thrive when providing consumers with a level of personalization via live sales associates, e-commerce brands will thrive through providing more personalization via evolving technologies that track consumer behavior and serve up relevant advertising at the right time to the right consumer.

5) Holiday shopping will start earlier and last longer.

E-commerce brands do well to remember that recent trends in holiday sales indicate that shoppers are beginning their holiday shopping earlier than in previous years. Savvy online sellers, then, need to adjust their holiday promotional calendars to reflect that trend and reach out to shoppers a bit earlier than normal to make the most of anticipated consumer behaviors this year.


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The Takeaway

2017 is shaping up to be a good year for e-commerce, as consumers indicate an increasing preference for the convenience of shopping online. To take advantage of this preference, be sure that your e-commerce site offers a great mobile experience, increase your production of relevant videos, consider offering same-day delivery if possible, provide a highly personalized experience for your customers, and start your holiday promotions earlier than usual.

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