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The Freelancer Lounge Payoneer

Head on Over to ‘The Freelancer Lounge’: Where Your Freelance Success Story Begins!

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
January 4, 2021

Calling all freelancers! We couldn’t be more thrilled to ring in the new year with the launch of ‘The Freelancer Lounge’, 5-minute snippets dedicated to helping freelancers like you build a successful brand and feel more in control of your freelance career.

Hosted by Jon Younger, author of the Forbes blog, Freelance Revolution, ‘The Freelancer Lounge’ covers tips and tricks from pricing your services to landing high-paying clients and much more.

So, grab a seat, bring a snack and join us every Tuesday starting January 5th on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter channels! Follow us today so you don’t miss out!

To stay up-to-date on each episode and what will be covered view the full line-up below.

Episode 01: How to Build Your Freelance Brand, Tuesday, Jan 5th

In our very first episode, Jon shares why personal branding is so important and why it’s crucial for your success. In addition, discover how to determine your niche and which channels you should be maximizing in order to promote your brand.

Episode 02: How to Maximize Freelancing Platforms, Tuesday, Jan 12th

In this episode, Jon covers how to make the most out of freelance marketplaces to find work and what mistakes to avoid on these platforms. Should you be utilizing freelance marketplaces more often to find more work? You’d be surprised to learn what today’s leading freelance marketplaces can offer!

Episode 03: How to Go About Pricing as a Rookie Freelancer, Tuesday, Jan 19th

If you’re just starting out, watch this episode to learn how to effectively calculate freelance rates and decide whether to charge by the hour or the project. Note down which rookie mistakes you should avoid when charging for your services.

Episode 04: How to Make the Shift from Part-Time to Full-Time Freelancing, Tuesday, Jan 26th

Thinking about going full-time? Jon teaches you which mistakes should be avoided when making the shift to full-time freelancing and if you should quit your day job.

Episode 05: How to Succeed as a Freelancer Even During a Pandemic, Tuesday, Feb 2nd

The COVID-19 global pandemic had a major impact on businesses worldwide and even more so for freelancers. Learn how to overcome the pandemic slump and still thrive as a freelancer during challenging times.

Episode 06: How to Deal with Clients from Hell and Late Payments, Tuesday, Feb 9th

Find yourself working with difficult clients? Jon shares best practices on how to deal with “clients from hell” and those who don’t pay on time.

Episode 07: How to Work with Clients in Different Time Zones, Tuesday, Feb 16th

Finding yourself juggling clients from multiple locations? Have no fear! In this episode, learn how to work with clients in different time zones and how to set rules and boundaries.

Episode 08: Best Practices for Landing High-Paying Clients, Tuesday, Feb 23rd

Want to earn the big bucks? Jon shares tips and tricks on how to attract high-paying clients and which channels you should be utilizing to reach out to them.

Episode 09: Effectively Raise Your Rate with Existing Clients and Also How to Handle Price Rejection, Tuesday, March 2nd

Want to raise your rates but have no idea how to bring it up to your clients? Watch to find out how to charge more and what to do if your client rejects your price increase.

Episode 10: What’s in Store for Freelancing in the Long Term and Which Areas of Expertise Will Be in Most Demand in 2021, Tuesday, March 9th

What will the future look like for freelancing in 2021? Jon shares insights into which soft skills and hard skills will be in demand and how you can prepare for what lies ahead.

Stay tuned and looking forward to seeing you at The Freelancer Lounge!

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