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cdiscount ecommerce tips holiday season

Expert Advice from Cdiscount for Your Holiday Season Preparations

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
September 23, 2021

In this seventh and final part of our holiday season advice series from some of the world’s leading marketplaces, we speak with Viola Turati, International Business Development Manager at Cdiscount, the huge online marketplace targeting the people of France with merchants selling a wide range of products from daily groceries to electronics and household appliances.

There are tons of great tips to take into account and implement, so if you haven’t quite finished your holiday season store preparations – you’re in luck!

If you’ve still not started your holiday season prep and got a little longer to read up on some advice from the world’s leading online marketplaces, check out our previous advice from Joom.com, Allegro.com, Rakuten.com, Shoppee.com, FnacDarty and Kaufland.de for their holiday season advice.

What is the #1 piece of advice you would give eSellers to help get their stores ready and maximize their sales this year?

Ship fast, on time and for free! Shipment is one of the most important criteria to convert a visitor to a customer: the competition is hard on marketplaces and since last year and the pandemic, customers are increasingly demanding.

What trends are you currently seeing among eSellers on Cdiscount?

Cdiscount sellers are working more and more on their products sheets to improve their SEO and to boost their conversion rates. Simple titles and descriptions, attractive pictures and marketing attributes show the product in detail and reassure customers.

To enhance their marketing description, that will help them highlight their brand, the more experienced merchants are using a CMS (Content Management System) Boost’it – which allows them to create marketing descriptions easily and autonomously.

The use of advertising solutions is also becoming more and more popular to develop the visibility of products to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place. Recently Cdiscount Advertising has launched two brand new marketing tools:

1. Live Shopping – Products are highlighted in 5-minute videos by dynamic and enthusiastic presenters, ideal to make people want to buy.

2. Sponsored Brands – Branded products are positioned at the top of the search results.

Are there any special features you’d like our eSellers to know about that would improve their success this holiday season?

Cdiscount launched OCTOPIA this year, which is a subsidiary dedicated to retailers who want to create or/and develop their own Marketplace, from the sellers point of view, they will have the possibility to sell their products in different sales channels (Cdiscount and others by the end of 2021) thanks to one unique backoffice and benefit from various services to help them grow their business.

Among those services you can access:

  • Octopia Fulfillment, which handles eSellers logistics by managing Cdiscount orders and external orders. It provides storage, preparation, packaging, delivery, as well as more visibility and the access to the most loyal Cdiscount customers.
  • Octopia Transport, another logistics service which allows eSellers to print shipping labels, benefit from advantageous contracts with major carriers and manage their customer relations on logistics issues on different platforms from a single interface.
  • Customer relationship management services that help eSellers simplify their customer relations and grant them support before, during and after their sales.
  • Financial and Tax services that support eSellers in their financial, tax or administrative tasks. Easing the process thanks to dedicated services and partners.

If you want to go even further Cdiscount Advertising can help you to boost your visibility. To attract the audience, merchants can choose within a wide range of marketing solutions. Sponsorized products, Google shopping, Smart Vouchers are just some of the options that Cdiscount Advertising offers.

– Viola Turati, International Business Development Manager, CDiscount

    We hope you’ve enjoyed and benefited from the awesome advice in this series. The end of year holiday season in 2021 promises to be yet another record-breaking period so good luck in your preparations, we wish you a productive planning period and an amazing holiday sales season!

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