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The entrepreneur’s guide to invoicing best practices

Christian PaarChristian Paar
March 30, 2023

Invoicing best practices for US clients as a freelancer

As a business owner, smooth cash flow is essential, and sending professional, accurate, timely invoices plays a vital role. Unfortunately, many US-based businesses are unaware of invoicing best practices. A poorly-crafted invoice can seriously hinder operations, leading to non-payment or delayed payments. This applies not only to US clients but also to international clients. Businesses cannot sustain non-payment indefinitely.

One of the ways businesses can boost the efficiency of operations is via professional invoice management. It can be challenging, especially when dealing with US clients and international freelancers, suppliers, and stakeholders. Plus, each invoice must be meticulously crafted to maintain trust and operational integrity. Remember, an effective invoicing management system can make end-of-month invoices more manageable.

Clients are expected to adhere to the pre-arranged terms and conditions on the receiving end, but this doesn’t always happen in practice. As a result, late payments, partial payments, and cash flow issues can disrupt your business’s financial stability. That’s why running a tight ship from invoicing to receipt of payment is crucial for every US-based business. Our guide on invoicing best practices is geared towards a better understanding what you should do to boost your company’s chances of getting paid and being taken seriously.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and contractors running ecommerce operations rely on a symbiotic relationship with clients, contributors, and consultants. As a result, the delivery of goods and services must be met with prompt payments. Implementing invoicing best practices goes a long way toward ensuring smooth operations. In addition, adhering to professional invoicing standards makes you more likely to be taken seriously and receive timely payments.

To overcome these challenges, it is essential to establish clear communication channels with clients, define payment terms explicitly, and consider utilizing invoicing software or platforms that streamline the process. By incorporating these strategies, you can create a seamless invoicing workflow that minimizes errors, promotes professionalism, and facilitates cash flow.

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American invoice best practices: What are you supposed to do?

invoicing best practices

When creating an American invoice, there are no hard & fast rules regarding a specific format to use. As a business owner, you can comfortably issue invoices to US clients, provided that important information is included in the invoice. We are happy to share our invoicing best practices summary with you, as detailed below:

When preparing an American invoice, make sure to include the following details:

  • Your info: Always include your name, company name, registered business address, and contact details.
  • Recipient information: Provide the recipient’s name, company name, registered business address, and contact details.
  • Invoice number: Assign a unique invoice number. If you use invoicing software, it can generate this for you automatically.
  • Invoice date: Mention the date when the invoice was prepared.
  • Payment due date: Clearly state the date by which payment should be made.
  • Itemized list: Include a detailed breakdown of all products or services provided. Each type of product or service should be listed separately on its own line.
    By including these essential elements, you can ensure invoicing best practices with clarity and professionalism throughout.

american invoice

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When invoicing international clients in the US, it’s essential to adopt their preferred style. This enables them to quickly scan and locate the necessary information for making payments, leading to faster payment processing.

Following best practices for invoicing American clients not only expedites payment but also strengthens your relationship with them. By presenting invoices in a format they are accustomed to, including all the required details, you minimize friction in their business workflows. Providing easy-to-read and hassle-free invoices increases the likelihood of future collaborations.

To help you invoice US clients effectively, here’s a comprehensive guide with all the essential invoicing best practices you need to know.

Include the right information for invoicing best practices

To ensure your invoicing practices align with best practices, including the right information in your invoices is vital. By adhering to the following guidelines, you can enhance professionalism, streamline the payment process, and maintain strong relationships with your US clients:

Start by prominently displaying your company name and business address prominently, followed by the client’s name and address. This establishes clear communication and ensures accurate record-keeping. Next, specify the invoice date, assigning a unique identification number for easy tracking and organization.

Provide a comprehensive and detailed breakdown when describing the services rendered or products delivered. Itemize each line item to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

Divide the total amount due in USD by line item for transparent and precise invoicing. If applicable, include the total sales tax, VAT, and the corresponding tax rate applied.

  • For smooth SWIFT wire transfers, including the IBAN and BIC codes required for hassle-free transactions.
  • Facilitate secure ACH bank transfers by providing your bank details.
  • Specify the mailing address where clients should send checks, ensuring smooth processing.
  • For convenient payment options, always include a link to your online payments solution, allowing clients to conveniently make payments using credit or debit cards.

Following these guidelines for invoicing best practices and providing the appropriate payment method details ensures professionalism, minimizes payment delays and nurtures strong relationships for US-based clients with worldwide freelancers.

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Format your American invoice correctly

invoice formatting

Source: Payoneer invoice builder for SMBs

Always remember when you’re invoicing American clients, convenience is a priority. Streamlining their payment process and ensuring easy access to the necessary information is essential to fostering healthy client relationships. To meet and exceed their expectations, it is crucial to format your invoice in a clear and reader-friendly manner.

By presenting your invoice in a manner that allows clients to locate the relevant details quickly, you can facilitate prompt payment and enable them to move on to their following tasks swiftly. Plus, a well-structured invoice layout emphasizing clarity and ease of reading demonstrates your commitment to providing a seamless invoicing experience.

invoicing experience

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Consider organizing your invoice logically and intuitively, displaying your company name, contact details, and a logo alongside the word INVOICE at the top. This immediately establishes your professional identity and facilitates communication. Then, present the client’s information, ensuring it is easily identifiable.

Incorporate headings, subheadings, and a summary section to enhance navigation and provide a comprehensive invoice overview. Strategically placing these elements allows clients to locate key information promptly, such as the total amount due, payment due date, and any outstanding balances. In addition, this quick summary empowers your clients to understand their payment obligations at a glance.

When itemizing the services or products provided, utilize a structured approach, presenting each item on its line. Provide detailed descriptions, quantities, rates, and corresponding charges. This transparent breakdown facilitates accurate comprehension and instills trust in your clients, ensuring they understand the value they are receiving.

Remember, readability is key. Use tables, columns, and legible fonts to enhance the invoice’s visual appeal. If it looks professional, it will be taken seriously. Harmonize the design with your brand identity to further strengthen your professional image. Invoicing best practices in America hinge upon professionally-prepared documents – that’s non-negotiable.

We recommend using an invoicing template to get the right format every time!

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Offer the best payment methods for your US clients

With invoicing and receiving payments, your client’s comfort and security should always be a top priority. We understand the importance of offering reliable and convenient payment methods that ensure a seamless transaction experience. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the right payment method:

  • Transfer speed: Choose a payment method that expedites the funds’ clearing process, minimizing the waiting time for you to access your hard-earned money.
  • Traceability: Opt for a payment method that allows both you and your client to track the progress of the payment, providing transparency and peace of mind. It’s comforting to know when payments are made and received.
  • Low fee structure: Select a payment method with reasonable fees, ensuring that you and your client don’t incur unnecessary additional costs when sending or receiving payments. Many popular payment options have fallen out of favor for being too costly. Pick wisely!
  • Safety and security: Prioritize payment methods that offer robust security measures, safeguarding your funds and ensuring they reach the intended account without any risks or complications.
  • Flexibility: Look for payment methods that offer enhanced flexibility, allowing you to access your cash conveniently and in a way that suits your needs best.

Considering these factors, we offer a payment method for your international clients from the US. Our all-in-one platform provides secure and efficient options tailored to meet your unique requirements, allowing you to receive payments globally with ease.

By choosing Payoneer, you can ensure a seamless invoicing and payment experience, enabling you to focus on growing your business while we take care of the financial aspects. Let us help you streamline your payment process and unlock the convenience and flexibility you deserve.

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Invoicing best practices for payments: Wire transfers

wire transfers

Wire transfers, such as SWIFT, are commonly considered a secure payment option for businesses. However, they have several significant drawbacks that can hinder your invoicing process. Therefore, you must be aware of these limitations to decide about your payment methods.

One notable drawback of wire transfers is their slow processing time. Funds can take days or weeks to clear, causing delays in receiving your payments. Additionally, wire transfers often entail high fees and time-consuming paperwork for your clients, which can be inconvenient and potentially discourage prompt payments.

Another challenge with wire transfers is the potential loss of money due to unfavorable exchange rates and fees when converting funds from a different currency into your local currency. This can significantly impact your overall earnings.

Furthermore, wire transfers lack traceability, making it difficult to identify any issues if a payment does not arrive as expected. This can lead to uncertainty and confusion, making keeping accurate records of payments received and outstanding invoices challenging.

Reconciling payments with specific invoices can be laborious when relying solely on wire transfers. In addition, this can result in a loss of visibility and control over who has paid and who still needs to settle their invoices, potentially causing financial discrepancies and administrative headaches.

American invoice favorites: Local bank transfers

local bank transfers

Local bank transfers, such as ACH bank debit, are widely favored by US businesses due to their low fees and quick processing. However, there are some considerations to remember, especially if you don’t have a US bank account.

Opening a local US bank account can be time-consuming and frustrating, often accompanied by high fees and minimum balance requirements that can tie up your cash flow. This can pose challenges and hinder your ability to receive payments efficiently.

To address these hurdles, Payoneer offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. With us, you can open a free USD account that functions like a local US account. The registration process with Payoneer is fast and hassle-free. Once you have a Payoneer account, you can invite your US clients to pay using a local bank transfer.

invoicing experienceSource: Payoneer client testimonials 

By utilizing Payoneer’s local receiving accounts, you can bypass the need for a US bank account while still enjoying the benefits of local bank transfers. This streamlines your payment process, eliminates unnecessary fees and complications, and enables you to maintain a healthy cash flow.

With us in your corner, you can focus on growing your business and receiving payments from your US clients. Registering with Payoneer is quick and easy, empowering you to expand your payment options and enhance your invoicing experience.

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Invoicing US clients is easy with credit cards and debit cards

When invoicing US clients, leveraging credit cards and debit cards offers a straightforward and convenient payment solution. Credit card payments provide simplicity and traceability, streamlining your bookkeeping and accounting processes. But, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks associated with these incredibly convenient payment methods.

While credit card payments are universally accepted, you should be aware of the potential high currency conversion fees your clients may incur if they pay in your local currency. This can create a substantial financial burden for them. On the other hand, if you receive payments in USD and need to convert them to your local currency, you might encounter fees on your end.

With credit cards and debit cards, you’re effectively trading convenience for cost: there are better ways to send and receive payments. The devil is in the details – check out the currency conversion rates, fees, and commissions in the fine print.

invoicing process

Level up your invoicing process with Payoneer. Our useful request a payment feature allows you to attach an invoice to an email, providing your clients with an embedded payment link. With Payoneer, you can offer your clients the flexibility to make instant online payments using their credit cards or opt for the convenience of ACH bank debit or local bank transfers.

When you choose us, you benefit from our expertise in handling currency conversions. Our platform ensures you receive competitive exchange rates and incur minimal fees and commissions, eliminating the complexities and costs associated with currency conversion (foreign exchange rates).

Experience the seamless synergy of convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with our effective payment services. We streamline your invoicing process and optimize your payment collection, allowing you to put your entrepreneurial energy to good use – building your business.

Invoicing best practices: Unique global payments solutions

We’re well into the 2020s, and that’s excellent news as far as different global payment solutions are concerned. Digital payment processing has come a long way, and that means lower costs for your clients in the US and your business. But it’s not just the cost benefits we all enjoy; it’s payment processing speed, convenience, and ease of use. Plus, valuable business services such as automatic payments are readily available too.

Invoicing best practices: Unique global payments solutions

With Payoneer, your USD funds provide incredible flexibility. Keep your funds in USD to cover local expenses like taxes or online purchases. Seamlessly transfer funds to other Payoneer users through Payoneer to Payoneer payments, utilizing your Payoneer balance.

Should the need arise, converting your USD funds to your local currency is a breeze. Withdraw funds directly to your bank account or access them conveniently at ATMs, ensuring your financial resources are readily available whenever and wherever you need them.

Experience the power and versatility of Payoneer, opening doors to a world of possibilities for managing your payments and finances.

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Invoicing best practices: Always include taxes and/or VAT


Include any applicable taxes your client must pay, such as sales taxes, VAT, or US income tax withholding. It’s important to note that tax requirements can vary based on the specific circumstances. For example:

Service providers: Most states may not require business consultants or graphic designers to charge sales tax. However, it’s essential to check the sales tax regulations in each state individually, as some states, like New Mexico and South Dakota, may impose sales tax on certain services. 

According to the Tax Foundation, sales tax regulations vary across the United States, with 45 states and the District of Columbia collecting statewide sales taxes. An additional 38 states impose local sales taxes, which can exceed state rates.

The highest average combined state and local sales tax rates are found in Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, and Oklahoma. State rates have remained unchanged, except for New Mexico, reducing its sales tax rate in July 2022. 

These variations in sales tax rates and bases can influence consumer behavior, leading to cross-border shopping and online purchases. Stay informed about specific sales tax regulations in each state for accurate invoicing.

accurate invoicing

Online sellers: If you sell products through marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart and utilize their fulfillment services, you’ll likely be responsible for paying sales tax based on the state where the warehouse is located. 

Walmart marketplace invoicing

Source: Walmart marketplace


For instance, if the warehouse is in California, you’ll need to charge and remit California sales tax, regardless of where your customers are. Other popular online marketplaces may have similar requirements.

Online store owners: If you sell products through your website, you must collect and remit sales tax according to the state where the sales are made. For instance, if you sell t-shirts to customers in Kentucky, you’ll need to charge and pay Kentucky sales tax. Similar rules apply to sales made to customers in other states.

US income tax withholding: Online service providers and freelancers must comply with US income tax laws. Your US clients are required to withhold 30% of your income and remit it to the government.

US income tax

However, if you already pay income tax in your country of residence, you can claim an exemption by completing Form W8BEN and providing it to your client for their records. This exemption ensures that you won’t be subject to double taxation. It’s important to communicate with your clients and provide the necessary documentation to avoid unnecessary withholding.

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Send your clients the right tax paperwork

tax paperwork

When working with US clients, invoicing best practices demand a streamlined process of collecting all necessary and relevant documentation, such as the W9 form (below). US clients require this form to report payments made to vendors, like you, to the US tax authorities annually. Instead of waiting for your client to request the W9 form, providing it proactively showcases excellent customer service.

w9 form

The W9 form can be easily found online, and by including it with your first invoice, you demonstrate professionalism and efficiency. In addition, once your client has submitted the W9 form for your records, they have a compelling reason to continue working with you, as they won’t need to obtain a new form for subsequent engagements.

Leveraging Payoneer’s Request a Payment service adds further convenience. You can attach your completed W9 form and invoice, ensuring all the required documentation is readily available for your client’s records.

By taking the initiative to provide the W9 form promptly and utilizing our comprehensive invoicing features, you streamline the administrative process, enhance your professional image, and foster stronger client relationships.

Use online invoice builders to prepare professional invoices

Use the same template to create all your invoices for US clients, ensuring consistency and clarity. While you can certainly design your own Excel invoice template or find free options online, consider utilizing online invoice builders for a quicker and simpler approach. The results speak for themselves.

These powerful invoice generator tools streamline everything, enabling you to generate professional and visually appealing invoices that leave a positive impression. By using these online invoice builders, you can ensure accuracy, maintain a fantastic brand image, and enhance your invoicing experience.  

online invoice builders

Invoicing best practices rule: Use e-invoicing as your default option

Simplify your invoicing process with electronic invoicing or e-invoicing. This digital approach allows you to send invoices as data files, such as XML or EDI, eliminating the risk of lost documents. In addition, E-invoicing is faster and more efficient, as it automatically populates invoices by pulling information from your databases.

E-invoices offer benefits to your US clients as well. Unlike paper or PDF attachments, many businesses have automated digital invoicing systems that can swiftly process e-invoices. In addition, these systems streamline the sharing of information across departments.

Remember, e-invoices can feature a convenient pay now button, leading clients directly to secure payment pages for credit/debit card or ACH bank debit payments. Some e-invoices even support mobile payments, ensuring a seamless payment experience for your clients.

Embrace the advantages of e-invoicing to simplify your invoicing workflow and provide a more convenient payment option for your US clients.

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Top 10 tips for issuing American invoices

  • Use USD as the payment currency.
  • Seek client feedback on draft invoices.
  • Assign unique invoice numbers.
  • Use American measurement units.
  • Keep copies of invoices for record-keeping.
  • Clearly state payment terms and due dates.
  • Include detailed descriptions of products or services.
  • Provide multiple payment options for convenience.
  • Include clear and concise payment instructions.
  • Send invoices promptly and follow up on payment deadlines.

We can help your business with invoicing American clients

Invoicing best practices warrant professional guidance for American clients. At Payoneer, we go beyond just providing payment solutions – we offer a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to enhance your invoicing experience. Here’s how we can assist you in effectively invoicing your American clients:

  • Versatile payment options: Offer diverse payment methods like credit/debit cards, ACH bank transfers, and local bank transfers, providing the utmost convenience for your US clients.
  • Seamless W9 form attachment: Easily include the necessary W9 form with your invoices, ensuring compliance without any hassle or delays.
  • Professional invoice formatting: Create visually appealing, clear, and consistent invoices that exude professionalism and leave a lasting impression on your US clients.
  • Streamlined workflow: Our user-friendly platform simplifies the entire invoicing process, from generation to payment tracking, saving you valuable time and effort.

invoicing best practices guy

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